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Rewarding you for Buying Local: Finally, you can earn points for using your FCCU debit card instead of using the costly credit card rewards programs from mega banks. BuzzPoints rewards you and the community you live in.

How to Build your BuzzPoints to get Rewarded:

1. Earn BuzzPoints for every dollar you spend anywhere using your FCCU debit card as a credit or signature transaction.

  • 1 point for every $4 you spend anywhere and everwhere
  • 2 points for every $4 you spend at Local Buzz Points merchants 

2. Earn Bonus BuzzPoints when you shop at local retailers called BuzzPoints Merchants (find them via the BuzzPoints mobile app, the website or you will see the BuzzPoints sticker in the merchant window).

3. Earn 1, 5 or even 20 extra points for every $4 you spend shopping at local BuzzPoints Merchants, depending on the merchant's offer.

4. Our BuzzPoints Merchants also have a variety of Loyalty Cards and additional offers that can be tracked for you to earn even more BuzzPoints!

Shop. Sign. Support. at Local BuzzPoints Merchants:

You can view a list of BuzzPoints Merchants by logging into your Buzz account at or download the Buzz Points Mobile application from the iTunes or Google Play store

Also, remember to look for the BuzzPoints sticker at your favorite merchant locations.

How You Can Earn Extra Buzz Points:

Extra points are awarded to you based on different financial activities you do with FCCU. These points can add up fast! For example, if you open a personal checking account, you'll earn extra points! 

Earn Extra Buzz Points When you do the Following Activities:

  • For taking out a mortgage loan — 500
  • For taking out a business loan — 500
  • For taking out a new consumer loan — 500
  • For opening a personal BuzzPoints account — 500