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Where you and your family make memories is a pretty big decision — so you handle that, and we’ll handle the financing.

Key Features

  • Buy a first, second, or vacation home
  • Enjoy competitive rates and flexible payments
  • Receive assistance for your first time buying a home
  • Refinance your current mortgage, and save
  • Sign select documents online with our eSignature
  • Work with friendly, experienced loan advisors


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  • Take some of the stress out of building by taking out an interest only construction loan. You’ll have nine months of low, interest only payments while you build the home of your dreams.
  • ARM loans typically offer lower interest rates and are a great option if you are looking for a lower payment or if you are planning on staying in the home for a shorter period of time. Available for 3, 5, or 7 year lock periods.
  • Rest easy knowing you have locked in your interest rate and your payment will not change for the life of your loan.
  • With affordable rates and a variety of loan terms, you could be enjoying your vacation home soon. Please keep in mind second homes and vacation homes, typically require a 20% down-payment.

We offer a variety of ways to finance your home, such as:

  • Federal Home Loan Grants for up to $6,000*
  • Home Consortium Grants for up to $5,000*
  • FHA loans, and USDA loans

*To receive the full amount of the grant, the buyer needs $2,000.00 up front.

The Jefferson County Economic Development Consortium offers Home Ownership Counseling Seminar Classes in the late winter and early spring. We will update our website here when upcoming dates and times have been announced.

Did you know that FCCU participates in grant programs that could provide members with $11,000 towards the purchase of a first home?


Rapid Refi Details

  • A Rapid Refi will shorten your 20- or 30- year mortgage to 12 years or less
  • Save thousands of dollars on interest payments
  • This mortgage refinance option is faster than the traditional refinance process
  • Enjoy no or low closing costs

A rapid refinance may be right for you if:  

  • You want to pay off your mortgage and build equity quickly
  • You want to save on interest and closing costs
  • Your current mortgage rate is going to increase
  • You want to cash out your home equity to pay for big expenses

 Traditional Refinance Details: 

  • Lower your monthly mortgage payment
  • Pay less in interest payments over the life of your mortgage 
  • Enjoy no or low closing costs 

We do business in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Law and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act.