Closed November 11th
Our branches will be closed for an all-staff training day
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Term APR Pmt/$1,000
Up to 36 months as low as 3.34% $29.23
Up to 48 months as low as 3.44% $22.33
Up to 60 months as low as 3.54% $18.21
Up to 72 months as low as 3.64% $15.48
Up to 84 months as low as 5.64% $14.44
Term APR Pmt/$1,000
Up to 60 months (2015-2018) as low as 4.24% $18.53
Up to 60 months (2013-2014) as low as 4.74% $18.75
Up to 60 months (2011-2012) as low as 5.24% $18.98
Up to 36 mos. (2010 & older) as low as 5.59% $30.24


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Big banks like to sit back and collect fees. We want to help you live your life to the fullest — however we can.

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Earn points for gift cards everywhere you use your FCCU debit card. Shop local for even greater rewards.

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Business Solutions

Behind every successful business is a busy entrepreneur. Our local financial pros are happy to lend a hand.

In the Community

As a local nonprofit, we’re committed to our members. But that commitment doesn’t stop at the lobby.

From charitable contributions to college scholarships, we support Southeast Wisconsin communities every chance we get.

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What does the

"Credit Union Difference"

mean to you?

Each team member has the opportunity to make a difference - whether it’s a simple suggestion or personal connection they make that changes a person’s life.

Whitney Townsend
Southside Branch Manager


It’s a fun culture of which to be a part because team members don’t necessarily feel like they HAVE to do more, instead they actually WANT to do more.

Jeffery Anderson
Marketing and Digital Media Specialist


To me, it’s our culture and how passionate we are at being involved in our members lives and our communities.

Robyn Newcomb
VP - Strategic Initiatives


I think that as FCCU has grown, we’ve maintained that personal touch throughout. Here at Main, you can walk in and the tellers probably already know your name.

Rob Russell
Internal Auditor