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Looking to buy or remodel a home? Our Mortgage Team is here to help!

Whether you know what type of loan you’re looking for or you just want to talk to an expert to hear your options, a Mortgage Loan Officer from FCCU can help you turn your home ownership dreams into a reality.

Headshot Photo of Maria Forrest

Maria Forrest

Mortgage & Consumer Loan Officer



Team Member Since: 2001

Location: Remote

Hi, I'm Maria! My primary role here at FCCU is as a Mortgage Lending Officer, but I am also able to assist members with a variety of other financing solutions.

One of my favorite parts of what I do at FCCU is establishing a long-term relationship with our members by engaging in conversations and getting to know them personally with the objective of finding ways to really put them in a better financial position.

I wish more members knew about our Financial Coaches because there are many people in our community who would benefit from it. Our Financial Coaches can offer guidance on financial crises, improving credit scores, and budgeting strategies to help every member be in a better financial position than when we met them.

NMLS #901751


Phone: (920) 563-7305 ext. 104

Email: Send Maria an Email



Headshot Photo of Brian Schleicher

Brian Schleicher

Mortgage & Consumer Loan Officer



Team Member Since: 2021

Location: FCCU Home Mortgage Store in Fort Atkinson

Hi, I’m Brian! I love building personal connections with our members and matching their needs with the right lending solution. I can help with mortgages, lot loans, vacation homes, and more!

I wish more members knew about the amazing home buyer grants that we offer. FCCU participates in the Down Payment Assistance Plus Program with the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago and the Down Payment Assistance Loan with the Home Consortium. Homebuyers could be eligible for up to $11,000 toward the purchase of their first home.

NMLS #1874334


Phone: (920) 563-7305 ext. 555

Email: Send Brian an Email



Headshot Photo of Yolanda Ramirez

Yolanda Ramirez

Mortgage & Consumer Loan Officer

¡Se Habla Español!



Team Member Since: 2011

Location: Whitewater Branch

Hi, I'm Yolanda! My favorite part about working at FCCU is that our whole team comes together by volunteering for our communities. “Concern for community” is one of the 7 Cooperative Principles for Credit Unions, and is something that our team takes to heart!

Along with being a loan officer, I am also one of our Financial Coaches, so I can provide guidance on improving credit scores, budgeting, reducing loan delinquencies, and navigating financial crises.

I wish more people knew how important it is to start building credit sooner rather than later. Building credit takes time, so the sooner your start, the sooner you will qualify for better loan rates when you need them!

NMLS #2317924


Phone: (920) 563-7305 ext. 406

Email: Send Yolanda an Email



Headshot Photo of Nancy Zarach

Nancy Zarach

Mortgage Loan Officer




Team Member Since: 2022

Location: Jefferson Branch

Hi, I’m Nancy! My years of experience in the title insurance industry as well as mortgage loan processing, has prepared me to originate loans at FCCU. I can assist members with consumer loans as well as mortgage loans.

I enjoy assisting first time home buyers and current homeowners with their home financing needs. I love assisting members reach their long- or short-term financial goals. With the information and education that I provide, I can help our member make an informed financial decision. The favorite part of the process is doing the closing for the first-time homebuyer who has fulfilled their dream of owning their home. I cannot express the utmost excitement of being a part of our members home buying experience.

Every day at FCCU, it’s my sincere hope to build a professional and friendly relationships with our members. It’s important that I play a meaningful role in supporting our community and economy, not to mention making a difference in our members lives.

We participate in down payment assistance grants for first time homebuyers. Ask us about the Home Consortium and FHLB Grants today! Let’s see if you qualify!

I love what I do! I get to work daily with an amazing team!

NMLS #2383170


Phone: (920) 563-7305 ext. 131

Email: Send Nancy an Email