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Being a member of Fort Community Credit Union comes with lots of perks, including lower fees, higher savings rates, and lower loan rates!

Here at FCCU, we always strive to put our members in a better financial position than when we met them. That means offering members more ways to save, services members love, and all the smile lines that come along with the member experience. On average, FCCU members saved $195 each in 2020 just by having their accounts with FCCU versus a leading bank*. 

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Personal Loans

Members save an average of $107 on Personal Loans

Checking Accounts

Members save an average of $88 on Checking Accounts

Mortgage Loans

Members save an average of $1,177 on Mortgage Loans

Vehicle Loans

Members save an average of $91 on Vehicle Loans

Home Equity Loans

Members save an average of $463 on Home Equity Loans

Credit Cards

Members save an average of $150 on Credit Cards

Average Member Savings

The more you have with us, the more you save.

Our market research demonstrates that the easiest way to save more is to do more with us. The chart to the right shows the average 2020 member savings based on the number of accounts members had with us. We know that the deeper our financial relationship is with you, the more you save. Members with one FCCU account only saved an average of $54 annually whereas members with six accounts saved an average of $961.

Savings By Account Type

Below are the average amounts members saved by using accounts with FCCU. If you have these accounts at other financial insitutions, moving them to FCCU may help you save more! It's easy to switch!

And, don't forget about our Member Loyalty Cash program! Take advantage of the products and services FCCU has to offer, and qualify to earn cold, hard cash a the end of the year! 

Personal Loan

$ 107

in estimated savings over the last year

Vehicle Loan

$ 91

in estimated savings over the last year

Mortgage Loan

$ 1,177

in estimated savings over the last year

Credit Card

$ 150

in estimated savings over the last year

Checking Account

$ 88

in estimated savings over the last year

Home Equity Loan

$ 463

in estimated savings over the last year

*INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR SAVINGS SUMMARY Your FCCU benefit amount presented is an estimate of your savings and is for illustration purposes only. Your savings estimate illustrates projected savings for an entire year, regardless of when your account was opened, and was determined using the difference between your current rates at FCCU and the average rates of leading financial institutions in your local market on 01/04/2021, as reported by Informa Research Services, Inc., Calabasas, CA, Some national lenders were used for mortgage and credit card comparisons. Although the information provided by Informa has been obtained from the financial institutions themselves, the accuracy cannot be guaranteed. Savings were calculated within product types, comparing your current FCCU rate with the average financial institution rate for that particular product type. Only financial institutions with comparable rate tiers and pricing structures were used to determine an average rate within each product type. In some rare cases, deposit and/or loan relationships were compared to the most similar product for which market rate information was available. Rates are subject to change at any time without notice. Your actual rate is typically dependent on several criteria, including, but not limited to your credit history and score, term of the loan, age of collateral and loan-to-value ratio on loans, as well as current and/or average balance on deposits. The savings amount for all loan relationships, including credit cards, was determined based on balances as of 12/31/2020. If your balance is not carried over month to month, your savings amount would be less. Fees were also taken into consideration when calculating the benefit associated with certain account relationships, using the average fees charged for that particular account, as reported by Informa Research Services, compared with the fees charges at FCCU.