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Tools to put you in a better financial position.

We know life happens and it can be easy to lose track of your account balance. FCCU offers several tools to help you stay on top of your finances and avoid fees that can be charged on your account when you don't have enough money to cover your expenses. Check out our Courtesy Pay and Overdraft options below. Don't forget, if you're struggling financially or simply need help budgeting, we have five certified Financial Coaches on staff qualified to help you solve your financial problems and assist you with getting your budget back on track.


Courtesy Pay

Courtesy Pay is an overdraft program that allows you to withdraw more than your account balance when using your FCCU Mastercard® debit card. Additionally, if any check or ACH items are presented on your account, we'll cover that too. 

Overdraft Protection

Overdraft Protection is a tool used when you write a check and there isn't enough money in your account to pay it. The check is sent back to the store as "insufficient funds" and the store charges you a fee for writing a bad check. With Overdraft Protection, the store gets paid and you pay a minimal fee to FCCU for covering your overdraft. There are two ways to use overdraft protection: 

  1. Transfer from Savings

If there is not enough money in your checking account to clear the checks you have written, we will check your savings account to see if there are extra funds. If money is available in your savings, we will transfer funds from your savings to cover the checks you've written and charge a transfer fee. You may use any savings or checking account you have at the credit union for this automatic transfer option.

  1. Kwik Cash Line of Credit

Kwik Cash is an essential line of credit that can be linked to your checking account to automatically transfer money from your available Kwik Cash Line of Credit to your checking account if your account is overdrawn. In order to use this option, you would need to fill out a loan application and be approved by a loan officer based on credit standards. There may be a transfer fee associated with this service and you will have to pay interest on the loan until it is paid in full.

How to Apply

You have a few options:

  1. Fill out the application form online
  2. Call your local branch to apply over the phone
  3. Stop by any branch and apply



Feel free to contact us at 920-563-7305 or submit your question via our contact us form to find out more about your overdraft protection options.

FCCU reserves the right to require repayment immediately or on demand.
There may be fees associated with the use of Courtesy Pay and Overdraft protection, please see our most current fee schedule.