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Effective March 1, 2024

Account Fees- Monthly Fees

Fee Amount

Kickoff Checking (if average daily balance falls below $100 and no monthly direct deposit)

$7.00 per month

First Down Checking

$6.00 per month

Touchdown Checking (if average daily balance falls below $2,500)

$9.00 per month

Fort Money Fund (if average daily balance falls below $2,500)

$5.00 per month

Dividend Checking (if balance falls below $1,000 at any time)

$5.00 per month

Business Checking (if average daily balance falls below $500 or business does not have a loan with FCCU)

$5.00 per month

Business Dividend Checking (if average daily balance falls below $2,500 or business does not have loan with FCCU)

$7.50 per month

Account Fees- Early Closures

Account Closing Fee

(Regular savings account closed by member within 90 days of opening)


Christmas Club Early Withdrawal Fee (No fee October 1st – January 15th)


IRA Early Closing Fee (within one year)


Account Services

Abandoned Account Fee


Account Forced Closure Fee


Account Reconciliation/Research (one hour minimum)


ACH Origination (one-time)


Bill Pay Inactivity Fee (applies after 60 days of inactivity)


Cashier’s Check (Member/Non-Member)


Check Cashing Fee- Members

(Only applies to members who do not have $100 in any combination of accounts or a loan with a balance greater than $100)


Check Cashing Fee- Third Party


Check Copies

$2.00 each

Collection Item


Current Month Account Printout

$1.00 each

First Down Checking Fee

$6.00 per month

Foreign Drafts in U.S. Dollars


Foreign Drafts in Foreign Funds


Foreign Currency Orders


Hemp/CBD Account Application Fee

-Annual Fee



Notary and Signature Guarantee (non-members only)


NSF Charge (per presentment, checks and ACH)

(Overdrafts paid or returned, applies to all checking and savings accounts)


Overdraft Protection

-From Savings/Checking (per transfer)

-From Kwik-Cash ($100 automatic loan draw)




Paper Statement


Online/Telephone Payments by Credit Card


3.5% of payment/ payment


Online/Telephone Payments by Debit Card   

$5.95/ payment

Online/Telephone Payments by ACH 


Returned Cancelled Check Images (pick up only)


Statement Copies

$2.00 each

Stop Payment


Telephone Transfers/Balance Inquiries (3 or more per month (combined))

$2.00 each

Card Services

Credit Card Cash Advance Fee (non FCCU cards) (only VISA accepted)


Credit Card Replacement Fee (VISA)


Debit Card Courtesy Pay (must opt-in) (max $24/day)


Debit Card Replacement/Instant Issue Fee (Mastercard)


Debit Card International Fee

1.1% of purchase

Foreign ATM Fee


Coin Processing Fees

Coin Counting (non-member)

1% of total

Safe Deposit Box Rental Fees

3 x 5 box


3 x 10 box


5 x 10 box


10 x 10 box


Loss of Safe Deposit Key (one)


Loss of Safe Deposit Key (two)

$150 minimum

Safety Deposit Late Fee


Wire Transfers (Members Only)






As high as $75.00

Western Union Money Order


International ACH


General Services

Fax Services








Photocopies (first 4 free)


Returned Mail Fee

$5.00 per occurrence

Rolled Coin (Non-Members and Commercial Accounts)


VISA Gift Card (Member/Non-Member)