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Competitive rates at the swipe of a card

Key Features

  • Competitive interest rates
  • More affordable than a payday loan
  • Local business rewards program
  • No annual fee



image of FCCU's Visa Platinum credit card, card background is blue with a grey swoop over top

Visa® Platinum

image of FCCU's Visa Classic credit card, card background is white with multiple overlapping rounde shapes in various shades of blue and green

Visa® Classic

Interest Rate

Prime Rate + 3.99% APR1

As low as 11.90% APR2

Core Benefits

1% cash back on all purchases

No cash back on cash advances or balance transfers.

Low interest rate

green icon of ATM machine

Surcharge-Free ATMs

Withdraw money from over 42,000 surcharge-free ATMs on participating ATM networks nationwide

green icon of map pin

Buy Local Spend Local

A local business rewards program where your debit or credit card purchase from participating businesses could be reimbursed

green icon of cell phone with wallet layered on top

Mobile Wallet

Pay with your phone by connecting your FCCU debit or credit card to Google Pay, Apple Pay, or Samsung Pay

blue icon of an off button and on button, both with a toggle feature

Toggle On/Off

Lose or misplace your debit card? Toggle your card on and off within online and mobile banking


Annual Fee



Minimum Finance Charge



Transaction Fee for Purchases



Balance Transfer Fee



Over-Credit-Limit Fee



Late Payment Fee


APR changes to Prime Rate + 8% if payment is 60 days past due. Requires minimum Empirica credit score of 680+.


Grace Period for Purchases

25 Days

25 Days

Method of Computing Balance for Purchases

Average daily balance

(including new purchases)

Average daily balance

(including new purchases)

Having an active credit card3 will help you qualify for our patronage dividend, Member Loyalty Cash, at the end of the year!

Need to report your credit card lost or stolen?

Call 1-(800) 654-7728.

Traveling soon?

To protect your account, transactions on your credit card are monitored for suspicious activity— including locations that vary from your normal purchasing areas. To avoid declined transactions while traveling, please complete a Member Travel Notice or give us a call at (920) 563-7305 to let us know.

Make a Credit Card Payment


Do you have a low credit score or no credit score? A secured credit card is a great option to help you build your credit while avoiding predatory loan alternatives.

A secured credit card is a type of credit card that requires a cash security deposit. Your credit limit is determined by the amount you deposit up-front. For example, if you put down a $1,000 deposit, your credit card limit will be $1,000. You can increase your limit by requesting a limit increase and depositing additional funds.

For additional card details and benefits, reference the Visa® Classic credit card in the table above.


Best if you...

Need access to funds, up to a predetermined limit, when buying online or at the store

Need access to cash funds of $100 or more at your convenience

Need a one-time cash deposit of $1,000 or more

Brief Description

A credit card is a revolving line of credit, meaning that you can draw funds from it as long as it remains open.

A Kwik Cash is a revolving line of credit, meaning that you can draw funds from it as long as it remains open.

A personal loan, or installment loan, is a fixed amount of cash borrowed, deposited as a lump sum, and repaid over a set period of time.

Minimum Loan Amount




Access to Funds

You can make a purchase by swiping your card or entering card information online at any time.

You can withdraw funds at any time via online and mobile banking, by phone, or in-branch.

Your loan officer will either deposit the funds into your account or write out a cashier’s check with the full amount.

If you apply for a loan with the Quilo™ pop-up on the Personal Loans page (for loans up to $25,000), approved funds will be deposited within 24 hours.

Repayment Terms

Your monthly payment is calculated based on the amount you’ve spent plus the remaining balance from previous months (AKA outstanding balance).

Interest is accrued on the outstanding balance. You can pay the balance in full, instead of just the minimum payment due, to avoid interest entirely.

See our fee schedule and your loan paperwork for any fees, like late fees, that could occur.

Your monthly payment is calculated based on the amount you’ve drawn from it plus the remaining balance from previous months (AKA outstanding balance).

Payments are 5% of the outstanding balance, or $15, whichever is more, and recalculated each time a draw is taken.

All Kwik Cash payments are due on the 28th of the month. See your loan paperwork for any fees, like late fees, that could occur.

You will make fixed, equal monthly payments based on the duration of the loan.

Interest accrues at a rate based on your credit score and the term of the loan. You pay interest and principal with each contracted monthly payment (pre-payment is allowed).

See your loan paperwork for any fees, like late fees, that could occur.

Sound like a great financing option for you?

Apply Now

Apply Now

Apply Now

For loans up to $25,000, use the Quilo pop-up on the bottom left corner of the Personal Loans page to apply.


The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau loosely defines a payday loan as a “high cost loan, generally for $500 or less, that is typically due on your next payday.” Payday lenders often operate from convenient storefronts, whose lobbies mimic the look and feel of a fast-food restaurant, touting low to no credit requirements and quick payouts.

Many states have outlawed payday lending, as it is widely considered to be predatory. However, payday lending remains legal in Wisconsin, with some loans reaching up to 574% APR* (yes, you read that right) according to (*APR is Annual Percentage Rate).

Historically, credit unions like FCCU have been a great alternative to payday lenders, offering small dollar loans at reasonable rates with relatively quick payouts for members with low to no credit— All the benefits of a payday loan with the backing of a trusted loan team who want to put you in a better financial position than when they met you.

Meet our Consumer Loan Team


Worried about getting charged a fee for using an ATM? Worry no more! We’ve partnered with the Alliance One and MoneyPass® ATM networks to bring you access to over 42,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide.

To locate a surcharge-free ATM near you, check out the links below:

Alliance One


[1] APR is Annual Percentage Rate. The rate for our Visa® Platinum Credit Card is a variable rate based on the Prime Rate + 3.99%.

[2] APR is Annual Percentage Rate. The monthly periodic rate for our Visa® Classic program for purchases and cash advances is 0.99167% - 1.4133%, which is an APR of 11.9% - 16.96%. Actual rate is based on multiple criteria, including, but not limited to, credit-worthiness, current market conditions, and other factors that the credit union, in its discretion, believes are relevant in determining the appropriate APR.

[3] Active is a charge or payment transactions within the last 30 days of year-end.