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We've partnered with GreenPath Financial Wellness to provide even more comprehensive financial counseling, financial education, and money management tools to you, our members!

GreenPath, founded in 1961, is a national non-profit whose mission is to empower people to lead financially healthy lives.

What's the difference between GreenPath Financial Wellness and FCCU Financial Coaches?

Partnering with GreenPath allows us to provide FCCU members financial counseling beyond our normal business hours in addition to our in-person and virtual financial coaching service. Also, GreenPath offers a unique debt management program designed to help you pay off your debt in 3-5 years.

Want to take advantage of GreenPath Financial Wellness services?

Call (877) 337-3399 or visit the GreenPath Financial Wellness website (English, Español).

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1:1 Financial Counseling


Your first financial counseling session with a GreenPath professional counselor is completely free.

Depending on your circumstance, you may be referred to a service that will charge a fee (e.g., setting up a debt management plan). However, as a benefit of your credit union membership, most of GreenPath's services will not cost you.

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Debt & Credit Counseling

Work 1:1 with a professional counselor for advice on budgeting and planning.

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Credit Report Review

Meet 1:1 with a professional counselor to walk you through understanding your credit scores and report.

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Debt Management Plan

Get started with 1:1 debt counseling session and review your options to set up a 3-5 year debt management plan.1

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Pre-Purchase Counseling

Work 1:1 with a housing advisor to explore your homebuying options.2

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Foreclosure Prevention & Support

Work 1:1 with a professional counselor who can talk to your lender to explore options and even help you apply for specific programs.

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Student Loan Counseling

Collaborate 1:1 with a certified student loan expert to review your student loans and explore repayment options.

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Renter Counseling

Work 1:1 with a professional counselor to assess your situation, explain the options or solutions available, and help you create a detailed action plan.

[1] Setup fees and monthly fees will apply, see GreenPath website for details.

[2] Pre-Purchase Counseling fee is waived as a benefit of your credit union membership, see GreenPath website for details.



Free Resources


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24/7 Credit Report Review

Regularly monitoring your credit can alert you to errors, protect you from fraud, and provide you important information to strengthen your credit score.

Coach Lea can answer important questions about your credit report. She is available 24/7.

Chat with Coach Lea

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LearningLab+ Online Courses

Explore a collection of well-researched courses and tools to enable a better understanding of money for a healthy financial life.

Courses are available in English and Spanish. Los cursos están disponibles en inglés y español.

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Worksheets & Guides

Use free financial worksheets and guides to manage your finances.

Interactive Budgeting Worksheet

Glossary of Financial Terms

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