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FCCU offers Banzai, a premium online financial literacy program, to educators and students in our area for free!

Banzai’s interactive web game teaches students through trial-and-error, allowing them to navigate real-life scenarios and experience what happens when certain financial decisions are made.

Choose from three curriculums geared towards elementary, middle, and high school students: Banzai Junior, Banzai Teen, and Banzai Plus. Each course aligns with WI DPI requirements and provides teaching supplements for the classroom.

Check out the below video where our Training Coordinator, Jenn, talks about all the different ways our team can help your students learn more about personal finance!  

Interested in using Banzai for your classroom? Enroll today! FCCU will cover the cost. For more information, and to order your classroom set, visit Banzai’s website.


Banzai Junior

Banzai Junior is ideal for ages 8-12 and gives students the opportunity to own and operate a lemonade stand. To win the game, they must manage a budget, borrow (and pay back) money, and navigate unexpected scenarios and expenses.

Topics included in Banzai Junior:

For some additional financial fun for students, check out Spot's $ensible Savings Newsletter- or, debut the video below in your classroom!

Banzai Teen

Banzai Teen is ideal for ages 13-18 and puts students in a position to tackle realistic financial dilemmas as they strive to earn money for college registration. The game guides students through financial basics as well as complicated topics like credit cards, auto loans, and insurance.

Topics included in Banzai Teen:

Don't foreget to check out Common Cents playlist where our experts guide you or your class though various financial topics. Below are just a few examples of the videos available.

Banzai Plus

Banzai Plus is ideal for ages 16+ and presents students with challenging, real-life financial problems. Students must build and maintain healthy credit, qualify for a mortgage, utilize insurance, and more— all while managing a budget and working towards a savings goal.

Topics included in Bazai Plus:

Internet Safety

Internet Safety is an innovative, scenario-based course ideal for ages 9-15— however, students 15+ can also find value in its content as an introduction or refresher. In this course, students will learn to spot potential scams, protect their devices, and research online claims.

Topics included in Internet Safety:

  • Password Strength
  • Social Media
  • Scams
  • Privacy
  • Fake News
  • Catfishes
  • Phishing
  • Online Shopping

Reviews from Students & Teachers

“I want to personally thank FCCU for sponsoring Banzai within our school district. Banzai activities enable our students to build their financial literacy skills in a risk-free, real-world learning environment.” – Randy Smith, Teacher at Whitewater High School

“Banzai really helps you plan for real life. It also shows [you] how to save and spend money properly.” – Student at Whitewater Middle School