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Member Loyalty Cash is not your average loyalty program. FCCU Members who qualify earn cold, hard cash at the end of the year!

Learn about the details of each category and how to qualify in the tabs below.

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How to Qualify

To qualify for our Member Loyalty Cash program, members must use any combination of FCCU services* adding up to 50%.

Once a member reaches 50%, they have the opportunity to earn even more Member Loyalty Cash by taking advantage of more FCCU services that increase their percentage above 50%.

*See "Get Your Piece of the Pie" tab for eligible services and percentages associated with them.

Get Your Piece of the Pie!

20% Loans

To earn this portion, members must have a mortgage loan that originated in the current year or other loan with FCCU. Don't have a loan with us? Apply for a loan.

Student, non-member commercial loans are not eligible to count towards this portion. All loans must be current. The member will not receive this qualifying portion if any loan is delinquent twice throughout the current year. 

25% Active Debit Card

To earn this portion, members must have an active* debit card. Don't have our debit card? Apply for a debit card online.

*active = an average of 10 point-of-sale transactions a month and card open at year-end.

20% Deposit Accounts

To earn this portion, members must have a minimum average total balance of $2,000 in their deposit accounts at year-end. Total balance considers all account suffixes. Not an FCCU member yet? Open an account online.

10% Active Credit Card

To earn this portion, members must have an active* credit card. Don't have our credit card? Contact us today.

*active = a charge or payment transaction within the last 30 days of year-end.

10% E-Statement Enrollment

To earn this portion, members must be enrolled in e-statements at year-end. Don't have e-statements yet? Enroll in e-statements online

10% Active Online Branch or Mobile App User

To earn this portion, members must actively* use the online branch or mobile app. Download the free app for your Apple or Android device. 

*active = used within 30 days of year end.

5% Checking Account

To earn this portion, members must have a checking account with a debit card. Don't have a checking account yet? Open a checking account online.



When is Member Loyalty Cash disbursed?

Members who qualify for Member Loyalty Cash will see a deposit in their account on the last day of the calendar year.

Why did one of my accounts receive Member Loyalty Cash but not the other?

Each member number will qualify and potentially receive Member Loyalty Cash independent from other member numbers. That means if you have two separate accounts (e.g. 12345-6 and 12345-7), each account must qualify (see "How to Qualify" tab) before receiving a deposit at year-end.

Member Loyalty Cash will be deposited in your lowest checking account suffix (e.g. 70-checking and a 71-checking, Member Loyalty Cash will be deposited into your 70-checking). If you do not have a checking account with FCCU, then it will be deposited in your lowest savings account suffix. 

How is the amount of the Member Loyalty Cash deposits determined?

FCCU's volunteer, elected board of directors determines the total disbursement amount based on the year's profits. The total disbursement amount is then divided up between the different percentage categories (e.g. 50%, 55%, 60%, etc.). 

Since FCCU is a not-for-profit organization, Member Loyalty Cash is one way we give our profits back to our member/owners.

What do I do if I have more questions about Member Loyalty Cash?

Feel free to give us a call at (920) 563-7305 and we would be happy to assist you!