Member Perks

Member Perks

Buzz Points

This free account feature lets you earn points when you use your debit card at participating merchants. Go ahead. Reward yourself!

Member Loyalty Cash

Find out what steps you can take to earn loyalty dividends. "Fill the tank" by using your debit card, logging into online banking, and more.


This free interactive game teaches kids about money management. It's a ton of fun — and it help kids become finance-savvy adults. 


This free app lets kids set savings goals and track their allowance. Created for kids ages 5 and up — and their parents!

Member Discounts

We've partnered with Love My Credit Union Rewards and local CPA firms to offer you valuable discounts. Discover all the ways your membership saves you money. 

TruStage Insurance

We've partnered with TruStage to offer you excellent life insurance products exclusively available to credit union members. 

Money Smarts

Set your kids up for success! These handy resources help parents to teach their kids the importance of financial responsibility.