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Stuff happens — whether you're handling the unexpected or planning for your next opportunity, a personal term loan might by the perfect tool to get you through.

Key Features


Let’s get personal. Here at FCCU, there’s no such thing as cookie-cutter. Each member has unique needs and specific interests.  A personal loan from FCCU can provide funds for a variety of purposes.  Personal loans can be used for:

  • Debt consolidation
  • Emergency expenses or medical bills
  • Home improvements or other large purchases
  • Weddings, vacations, or travel expenses

FCCU offers both secured and unsecured personal loans, competitive rates, flexible repayment terms and most importantly- friendly, local service. When your finances need a boost, or you’re planning for your next opportunity- we’ll be here. And, because we’re all about putting you in a better financial position, you should know a personal loan1 with FCCU helps qualify you for Member Loyalty Cash at the end of year!

Apply in minutes!
Apply online, call us at (920) 563-7305, or stop by one of our branch locations and ask to see a Loan Officer today!


Life moves fast, and sometimes, you need your wallet to move with it…queue a Kwik Cash from FCCU. Kwik Cash is an essential line of credit that you can draw from in cash or transfer funds to another account in a flash. This snazzy little tool puts you in a better financial position instantly, and when you need it most. Here’s how it works:

Use your Kwik Cash Line of Credit for Overdraft Protection:

  • Use your Kwik Cash as a line of credit to cover your checking account if you overdraw.
  • If you have available Kwik Cash funds, they will automatically be transferred to your checking account in $100 increments to bring the balance above $0.
  • There is no fee for having or using Kwik Cash besides the interest2 on the amount you use- which means Kwik Cash overdraft protection is usually much less expensive than an overdraft charge.

Access Kwik Cash to withdraw funds at any time:

  • As an added benefit, you can advance available Kwik Cash funds at any time through online banking, the FCCU Mobile app, by phone, or at any branch location.
  • To advance Kwik Cash funds from online banking or the FCCU Mobile app, simply make a transfer from your Kwik Cash account to your FCCU checking or savings account.
  • Kwik Cash can be used as a short-term loan or temporary source of emergency cash and, is a much more affordable alternative to payday lending or title loans.

Apply in minutes!
Plan for your unplanned expenses. Apply online, call us at (920) 563-7305, or stop by one of our branch locations to set up your Kwik Cash account today!


Looking to build your credit? There are soooo many reasons why you may not have credit. Maybe you’re young and just starting out. Maybe you’re an immigrant who is new to our financial system. Or, perhaps you’ve operated on cash and haven’t ever established a bank account.  Whatever the reason, we have a tool to help you slowly and securely build your credit score over time. Meet our Credit Builder Loan. Here’s how it works:

Voilà! You’re building credit! Plus, a personal loan1 or active credit card3 can help you qualify for Member Loyalty Cash at the end of the year.  Look at us over here… solving all your financial dilemmas, striving to put you in the best financial position…credit unions rock!

Apply in minutes!
Apply online, call us at (920) 563-7305, or stop by one of our branch locations and ask to see a Loan Officer today!

1Loan must be current. The member will not receive qualifying portion if the loan is delinquent twice throughout the current year.
2Kwik cash payment is set at 5% of the outstanding balance, or $15, whichever is more, and is recalculated each time a draw is taken. All Kwik cash payments are due on the 28th of the month.
3Active = a charge or payment transactions within the last 30 days of year-end.