Online Branch & Bill Pay

    Use this form to enroll for any or all of these services (There is also a comment section at the bottom of the form.):

    • Online Branch
    • Online Branch Alerts (ex. low balance, deposits, etc)
    • Bill Pay
    • eStatements

    This request can only be accepted from current FCCU members. After completing this form, hit "Submit Form" to send it to us for processing. All our forms are encrypted using the latest internet security for your privacy. Be sure to contact us with any questions.

  • OKFCCU Office You Wish to Service Your Accounts. (All of our offices will be happy to serve you, but we'd like to know which office you would find most convenient.) is required
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Please set up the following Account(s) for Internet Banking

  • OKFirst Base Account No. is required
  • OKPrimary Name On First Account is required
  • OptionalOKSecond Base Account No. is required
  • OptionalOKPrimary Name On Second Account is required

eStatement Enrollment

  • OptionalOKIf you prefer to continue receiving paper statements you can opt out of eStatements by choosing the paper option from the drop down below: is required

Quick Switch Setup

    To access your other accounts from a single login. Quick Switch is only available for single owners of more than one base account. Or, joint account holders of two or more separate base accounts, where both owners are joint on all accounts.

  • OptionalOKPlease enable Quick Switch with is required

Bill Pay Setup

    Bill Pay is no cost with use (unlimited transactions), however a $5.00 per month fee will apply after 60 days of non-use.

  • OptionalOKeBill Pay is required

Cross Account Transfer Setup

    OptionalOKCheck the box to set up the above accounts for cross-account transfers is required
  • Example: To transfer funds between your account and your spouse's account.

ONE WAY Account Transfer Setup

    Please set up the following accounts for ONE WAY transfers. (Example: To transfer funds from a parent's account to a child's account.)

  • OptionalOKFrom: Base Account No. is required
  • OptionalOKTo: Base Account No. is required
  • OptionalOK"To" Account holder's name: is required

    You will be notified by email when your account has been set up for Online Branch and additional login and password instructions.

    If you also enrolled in Bill Pay, you will get a separate email notice when that set up is complete.

    And, if you enrolled in eStatements, you will receive a welcome email.

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