Savings & CDs

Regular Savings

Open this account to establish membership with FCCU. Earn competitive dividends and access all the benefits that come with membership.

Business Savings

This simplified savings account really gets the job done! Earn competitive dividends and manage your money anytime with free e-services.

Change-Up Savings

This account rounds up your debit card purchases to the next dollar and deposits that change into savings. Plus, it pays competitive dividends!

Saver’s Sweepstakes™

Saving can be fun! Saver’s Sweepstakes™ is a new prize-linked savings account now available at Fort Community Credit Union. Saver’s Sweepstakes offers prize drawing entries in return for each time account holders increase their savings balance by $25!

Club Accounts

Set aside savings for Christmas shopping, tax season, or a personal goal. Plan ahead so that when the time comes, you've got the money you need.

The Buzz Kid’s Club

This easy-to-use account teaches kids that saving money's fun! Each month they deposit $5, they get a free gift. Available to kids ages 3 to 10. 

Money Market Account

Earn higher dividends than regular savings without locking up funds in a share certificate. Tiered rates let you earn more money on larger balances. 

Share Certificates

Set aside savings at a competitive, fixed rate for a set amount of time and watch your money grow — right on schedule.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

Prepare for retirement the smart way with tax-advantaged* savings — set yourself up for a retirement to look forward to. 

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs)

Set aside pre-tax dollars* to cover eligible health care expenses. Be prepared to cover day-to-day medical costs, as well as emergencies.