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Unleash the power of plastic with an FCCU Mastercard® debit card- accepted worldwide.

Key Features

  • Security
  • Surcharge-Free ATMs
  • Digital Banking

An FCCU Mastercard® debit card is a powerful tool for managing your finances.  It’s your key to secure and convenient payments.  FCCU’s debit card allows you to make purchases anywhere Mastercard® is accepted, be it online or in-person.  Payments are made directly from your checking account, without ever even writing a check.  Plus, your funds are available 24/7 at any of FCCU’s ATM terminals, or at over 33,500 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide- providing you with quick and easy access to cash.  We’ll be honest, we liken your FCCU debit card to a little plastic superhero you carry in your wallet. With an FCCU Mastercard® debit card you get:

  • Access to over 33,500 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide1
  • Instant issue2 debit cards available at all FCCU branch locations.
  • Member Loyalty Cash- A checking account with an active debit card³ helps qualify you for cash back at the end of the year!
  • Courtesy Pay4- Opt into Courtesy pay, an overdraft protection program that allows you to withdraw more than your account balance when using your FCCU Mastercard® debit card.
  • Change-Up Savings- Open a Change-Up savings account and save every time you swipe! Your purchase can be rounded up to the next whole dollar amount and the difference will be deposited into a savings account!
  • Turn your phone into a wallet when you link your FCCU Mastercard® debit card to Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, or Google Pay
  • Take control of your wallet with CardValet®- a standalone mobile application that allows you to control your debit card from your mobile device.

Looking to activate your FCCU Mastercard® debit card?
Simply call 1-800-992-3808 to activate your card or to change your PIN.

Need to report your FCCU Mastercard® debit card lost or stolen?
Please call 1-833-462-0798.

Traveling soon?
To protect your account, transactions on your debit card are monitored for suspicious activity, including locations that vary from your normal purchasing areas. To avoid declined transactions while traveling, please complete a Member Travel Notice, enable your location controls in the CardValet® mobile application, or give us a call at 920-563-7305 to let us know.

1No-fee ATM usage is through MoneyPass and Alliance One ATM networks.
2Fee applies to instant issued debit cards. See current fee schedule.
3Active= an average of 10 point-of-sale transaction a month and a card open at the end of the year.
4There may be fees associated with the use of Courtesy Pay, please see our most current fee schedule.