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FCCU offers several options to avoid fees that can be charged when you don't have enough money in your checking account. When you write a check, use your debit card, or preauthorize a payment from your account and you don't have enough money in your account to cover it, FCCU will cover it for you.

Have you ever been declined in a busy check-out line?

With Courtesy Pay on your debit card, your transaction would be approved and the merchant would never know that your account was negative because FCCU covered it for you.

When you write a check at the store and there isn't enough money in your account to pay it, the check is sent back to the store as "insufficient funds" and the store charges you a fee for writing a bad check. With Courtesy Pay, the store gets paid and you pay a minimal fee to FCCU for covering your overdraft. The fees that stores charge for returned checks can vary, but those fees may be double what you might pay if you used the overdraft protection options with FCCU instead.

Here are your options:

  1. Transfer from Savings

If there is not enough money in your checking account to clear the checks you have written, we will check your savings account to see if there are extra funds. If money is available in your savings, we will transfer funds from your savings to cover the checks you've written and charge a $4 transfer fee. You may use any savings or checking account you have at the credit union for this automatic transfer option.

  1. Kwik-Cash Line of Credit

The Kwik-Cash Line of Credit is a loan that can be linked to your checking to automatically transfer money from your available Kwik-Cash Line of Credit to your checking if your account is overdrawn. In order to use this option, you would need to fill out a loan application and be approved by a loan officer based on credit standards. There is a $4 overdraft transfer fee associated with this service and you will have to pay interest on the loan until it is paid in full.

  1. Courtesy Pay

Courtesy Pay is an overdraft program that allows you to withdraw more than the account balance. We loan you the money for a short period of time to cover emergencies, checking account errors and other unexpected events. You will be set up with a pre-approved limit based on your relationship with us. Courtesy Pay has some coverage limitations based upon the type of withdrawal you are making. Federal regulation requires us to ask you to sign an Opt-in form in order to clear everyday debit and ATM transactions. A $12 fee is charged each time you use Courtesy Pay for coverage on a debit or ATM transaction. A $20 fee is charged each time you use Courtesy Pay for coverage on a check or ACH transaction.

How do I opt-in?

You have 3 options:

  1. Fill out the PDF form, print and mail the form, or print and fax the form
  2. Fill out the form online
  3. Call your local branch to Opt-in over the phone
  4. Stop by any branch and Opt-in

Please contact your local branch to find out more about your overdraft protection options.

FCCU reserves the right to require repayment immediately or on demand.