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Online Branch Security

Online Branch

Mobile Banking

If you're already an FCCU Online Branch user, all you need to do is enter this address in your Smart Phone: and follow the same procedures you do currently for Online Branch Login.

You will be able to view history, check balances, and transfer money between checking, savings and loan accounts within the same base account number. You will also be able to view cancelled checks, and change your password. If your accounts are set up for Quick Switch you will be able to do that as well. (You will not be able to make transfers between different base accounts.)

If you are not yet enrolled at our Online Branch, click here.

For additional security when using mobile banking, you can activate E-Alerts as indicated below:

(E-Alerts cannot be set up via mobile banking, you must do that from Online Branch on a PC.)


Now you can have our Online Branch notify you via text message or email of the following:

  • Low Balance
  • Payment Reminder
  • Third Party Deposits
  • Succesfull Logins
  • Password Reset Request

To activate E-Alerts simply click on the My Account Link on your Online Branch Summary Page and choose the notifications you wish to receive and the cell phone text address or eMail address to receive them.

Don't know your cell phone's email address?

Most cell phones can receive email text messages. Check with your cell phone carrier for the proper format for your phone number and whether or not there are charges for incoming calls or emails. US Cellular doesn't charge for incoming calls, texts or emails. The format for US Cellular numbers is:

Click here for a list of current carrier formats.

All notifications regarding your FCCU accounts will be sent by So please add this address to your safe senders list.


It is very important that we have an updated email address for all members using our Online Branch. If you're not getting eStatement notices or your Alerts, next time you log into the Online Branch, please take a minute to go to My Account and verify that your email address is correct and properly formatted.


Forgot My Password

This option has been added to the Online Branch Login window. In order for this feature to work, the computer must be authorized, or a challenge question must be answered successfully AND your current email address must be on file in your account.

Our Online Branch will then send you an email indicating the password reset and it will give you a temporary password, which you will be required to change at next login. Because this is a system generated strong password, we recommend that you copy and paste this password into the password window.

Account Nicknames

Nicknames (Optional) has been added tot he Details Page. You can enter a nickname for a specific account suffix, such as "Mary's Checking." Or, on a loan account, "Ford Focus" for a specific loan. These nicknames will then appear in the account description, in the drop down menus, and on your statements.

Quick Switch Option

An option called "Switch Account" has been added to the Summary page. This allows you to switch from one member account to another without needing to logoff and log back into the Online Branch. And These accounts must have the same ownership, and must be set up in advance, by calling any of our branches, or by using the SECURE Contact Us form. Do NOT use regular eMail to request this feature.


You will now be required to choose a Username, if you haven't already. You can change the username and your password again at any time by clicking on the MY ACCOUNT link.

Your User Name must meet the following requirements:

  • One character minimum, 40 character maximum
  • Must start with a letter
  • May contain letters, numbers, and/or these symbols (@._-)
  • Username cannot be used on more than one base account.

Other Online Branch Features

If you are not yet enrolled in Online Branch, click here.


You qualify as an eMember if you use the following FCCU products and services:

Contact us or stop in at any of our offices, and our staff will "eMediately" get you set up as an eMember!

Always free* eBillPay for eMembers!

(If you're not using all of the above services, then eBillpay will cost $1.95 per month for up to 5 payments. Additional payments will be 35 cents each.)


eStatements are available through our Online Branch. If you recently enrolled in our Online Branch or requested to be signed up for eStatements, your first eStatement will be ready to view a few days after the end of the month in which you enrolled. You will receive an email notification each month when eStatements are ready to be viewed. And, there will also be a notification within the Online Branch when each month's eStatements are ready to view.

Notice: Fort Community Credit Union will NEVER ask you to submit personal or account information in an email. And, we will never share your email address or other account information with third parties other than our eBillpay provider.

We hope you enjoy all of the features of Fort Community Online and find them convenient.

For more information about Online Branch, eStatements and eBillpay, and to become an eMember user our convenient and secure Contact Us form.

Click here for more information on eBillpay.

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