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CardValet® is a standalone mobile app built to protect your debit card from fraud and fight for your ideal spending habits.

Key Features

  • Card Control
  • Security

CardValet® is a standalone mobile application that allows you to control your FCCU Mastercard® debit card from your mobile device!

  • Turn your card "off" - with CardValet mobile application you can turn your debit card off when it's lost, perceived stolen, or you're simply not using it. When your card is "off" no withdrawals or purchases will be approved and your account will be safe from fraudulent activity. 
  • Real-time alerts - use the CardValet application to establish transaction controls so your debit card will only work at certain merchants or within a specific geographic area. 
  • Spending Control - set spending limits for general use or specify thresholds by merchant types, such as fuel, groceries or retail stores. You can also establish these controls by location. 
  • Download today - to get started with CardValet® visit the  Apple or Google Play stores to download this mobile application.  

Download and register your FCCU Mastercard® debit card for CardValet® today!

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