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FCCU has been invested in members since 1940. 

It was 1940 when employees of Moe Light pooled their paychecks together to create our credit union. Since then, we’ve expanded our branches, diversified our services and increased our teams. We’ve changed our name and advanced our operations, but our commitment to our members has not waivered.

In the month of September, we are celebrating FCCU's 80th Anniversary! We wouldn’t be here without you, so let’s celebrate you! Join us in our virtual festivities!

Check out the timeline of some of our biggest milestones here.


80th Anniversary Videos

80th Anniversary Teaser Video

Ruth and Ron - Members Since 1964

Brian - Teacher at Fort Atkinson High School

Sue and Kevin - Long-Time Team Members

Norma - Member Since 1966

Liz - Real Estate Broker at NextHome Success

Jude - Teacher at Crossroads Alternative High School

Ron - Former President and CEO


80th Anniversary Photos:


Dianne - Vanherhall Carmel GTS First-Time Home Buyer, Olivia! Moose Justin Robertson Watertown Main Street Cleaing FCCU's Old Fort Atkinson Office, 1986 Kids Club Beth Reid Dani's First Car!