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FCCU's History - Celebrating 80 Years

FCCU has come a long way since its start in 1940. This year we are celebrating our 80th anniversary. To celebrate we are looking back at some of the milestones of FCCU.

Celebrating 90 years - 1940- FCCU was founded as Moe Light Employees' Credit Union. 1980 - Changed to a community charter & was renamed to Fort Community Credit Union and moved to 601 Madison Ave. 1986- Moved to current location at 800 Madison Ave. 1993- Opened the Southside Branch in Fort Atkinson. 2000- Whitewater Branch Grand Opening. 2003 - Renovation of Historic Puerner Building completed. 2017-Main office renovations completed. 2018 - Watertown branch opening, soutside remodel completed, and ITMs, replaced drive-ups at every branch. 2020- Remodel complete on FCCU Annex building, soon to be FCCU Mortgage Store. NCUA

1940 - The credit union was founded by volunteers to serve employees of Moe Brothers, Inc. located in Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. The credit union was situated at a desk in the front office of the Moe Light building. The formal name of the credit union was Moe Light Employees' Credit Union. Net income at the end of 1940 was $5.77.

1965 - The credit union relocated to a separate room that was attached to the factory at 700 Oak Street in Fort Atkinson.

1976 - The name of the credit union was changed to Thomas Credit Union. Also, the employees of the Lorman Company and Fort Healthcare were added as the first separate employee groups (SEGs) to the membership.

1978 - The assets reached the $1 million mark.

1980 - The credit union updated its name to Fort Community Credit Union after changing to a community charter. The same year operations moved to 601 Madison Avenue in Fort Atkinson.

1986 - The credit union moved down the street to its present location at 800 Madison Avenue in Fort Atkinson.

1993 - The credit union opened a branch office at 1610 Janesville Avenue to accommodate their growing membership base.

1998 - Security Credit Union of Jefferson was merged into FCCU, adding $5.5 million in assets and a Jefferson office for the convenience of members.

1999 - Whitewater Community Credit Union was merged into FCCU, bringing in an additional $1.1 million of assets and 900 members. An office was planned to accommodate the existing and potential members in this rapidly growing city.

2000 - A new 3,800 sq. ft. office opened in Whitewater on October 25th. Grand opening was held on Saturday, December 9th. $1 million was brought in on the 9th during the grand opening.

2001 - Badgerland Credit Union of Whitewater was merged into FCCU in April. Badgerland had $325,000 in assets and 300 members.

2003 - Renovation of Historic Puerner Building completed. New Jefferson Office and Professional Building Grand Opening held on Saturday, December 13 with over 3,000 attending the event.

2006 - Building next door (730 Madison Ave.) purchased to allow for future expansion.

2010 - Jones Dairy Farm Employees CU was merged into FCCU in April. JDFECU had $2,834,275 in assets and 650 members. FCCU also paid a special dividend of $244,000 to our members.

2012 - FCCU undertook a rebranding process updating our logo, mission statement and commitment to members. Buzz Points, a debit card reward and local business outreach program was rolled out.

2016 - Renovations to the Main Office began in the fall of 2016. Four FCCU team members completed rigorous training and testing to become Certified Financial Counselors. FCCU opened the Member Care Center (Call Center) in Jefferson.

2017 - Renovations are completed on the Main Office, the drive up is replaced by Interactive Teller Machines. FCCU is the recipient of the Fort Atkinson Chamber of Commerce 2017 Economic Contribution Award.

2018 - A 1500 square foot office in Watertown, WI was opened in July. The Southside Office is closed for renovations and completely gutted and rebuilt. The drive ups in Jefferson, Whitewater, and Southside are replaced with ITM's. Extended hours are introduced at all locations. The Saver's Sweepstakes account is introduced to members. The bylaws of the credit union are Updated.

2019 - Renovations began on the building next to the Main Office (The Annex). The new space houses the Mortgage Team, Marketing Team and ITM Team in addition to creating the FCCU Home Mortgage Store. FCCU partnered with CUNA Brokerage Services to hire a full-time financial professional for FCCU.

2020 - Renovations begin and are completed on the Annex Building, next door to the Main office located at 734 Madison Avenue. This new space will come to be known as The FCCU Home Mortgage Store. COVID-19 pandemic closes businesses to the public for several months, postponing the official opening of The FCCU Home Mortgage Store.



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